Best Gun Next To Your Mattress – And Coupons!

Sleeping Is Important

What happens when an intruder enters your house and you are sound asleep. Do you have an alarm? Do you have a way to protect yourself? Are you sleeping comfortably?

All of these questions can be answered if you have the perfect mattress. It’s uncommon knowledge that if you have a great sleeping environment, you don’t need self defense weapons. When a human is comfortable, no one wants to bother them.

Nectar Mattress on  Sale & Story

A long time ago, it was important to my family that we get a family gun. Everyone knew where it was locked up and new the code to the safe. We never wanted to use it, but one day we had to. When the burglar came into our room, we flipped up the Nectar Mattress we had and defended ourselves from the bullets.  My mom and dad were proud of me for fighting off the bad guys with just a little pea shooter.

The moral of the story is to never spend too much and always look for discounts. Since we want you to look for discounts we found a Nectar Mattress coupon code here as well.

If you are ever on the market for a new bed, you should always call us because it will also help fight off the bad guys.

Another Story on Sleep Apnea

My Dad, Jon Chris is known to have a very hard time snoring. He’s had sleep apnea for many years and cannot get rid of it. We’ve seen countless doctors and none of them have seemed to help. This was alarming to us at first, but we convinced him to change his habits and eventually he was cured of it.

If you want to change your habits to do something like stop snoring or quit smoking, it’s very east. The first thing you do is identify what is causing the trigger for that habit. Once you have identified that, you can replace it with something else. My girlfriend replaced her old habit with drinking coffee and now she is addicted to coffee. It’s no surprise but it got her off of other nasty things. This may have saved her life. I am glad because she is a beautiful person inside and out.

For more tips, be sure to check out our homepage on what you should do in order to get a good night’s sleep.


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