What are the Different Kinds of Guns?

Firearms have never been restricted to one kind only, and today the selection of guns made available to security forces and to gun enthusiasts with licenses is more than it has ever been. This article will shed light on the most common kinds of guns and the distinct features which separate them from others.

Handguns For By Your Bed

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These are guns which are made to be held in one hand only, and are further broken down into the following categories:


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These are guns which have a cylindrical magazine right above the trigger, and the cartridge is loaded with bullets. After each fire, the cylinder rotates and the next bullet is ready to be fired. These guns can be single and double action (single gives more accuracy, double gives more speed of firing).


Pistols cover the category of everything which is not a revolver, and they can be automatic, semi-automatic, and can have a much larger cartridge compared to the revolver. The size of a pistol is also smaller. Semi-automatic guns like the Uzi are not considered to be pistols, because they have their own category. 


These are special guns built with a number of bores specially for the sake of being loaded directly, and have a unique shape named after the creator of the guns. These guns are the smallest handguns to date. A lot of these can be used at your bedside. This will help protect yourself.

Long guns

The name is quite self-explanatory, because these refer to guns which are longer in size and need both hands for operation. There are two main kinds of long guns:


These are guns meant for shooting from far behind where the target lies, and are focused more on accuracy than any of their counterparts. The essential design comprises of a scope, a spin-shooter which allows the bullet to go straight in accordance with the scope, and a very long design which cannot be used without both hands.

Assault Rifles

These are the only non-heavy military specific guns which are held under the governance of states because of how deadly they can get. The M4 and AK-47 are both assault rifle designs and are characterized by the consistent shooting they can perform till the round of bullets end or the magazine expires. These guns also have incredible accuracy considering how fast they shoot, which is why they need to be kept an eye on.


These are high powered guns used mainly for short range shooting. The shotgun can penetrate through most barriers in short range, and have special cartridges designed to shoot in a spread out fashion, which means that one shot targets an entire area nearby.

Mounted Guns

These are guns which cannot be used by the general public regardless of the licenses they have. These include heavy duty machine guns and lever guns, which are mounted on the ground and can only be used from one particular position. These are mainly positioned on defense lines and are very destructive.